Photographer's Bio

Written by Stella  Nelson


Though her childhood dreams were not of photography, it appears that Laura has always understood the sentimental value of a photograph.  

She offers the story behind what she describes as her "absolute favourite picture ever."

The picture is of a 3 year old Laura, sitting on her mom's lap at Christmas, while staring in awe at her mother's newly opened gift.  This simple, candid photo has inspired Laura to create the same feeling for others through her unique approach to photography. It is truly a labour of love; from set building and prop making to tapping into her inner “baby whisperer” – all of her personal touches lend to the final photo, to be enjoyed now and in the years to come.

For Laura, it is more about capturing a memory rather than trying to create one and that is reflected beautifully throughout her body of work.

In a world of constantly upgraded technology and cameras literally at the fingertips of anyone, Laura keeps it simple and is motivated by the genuine connection she has with her clients which can be felt in each photo.  It is her heart that sets her apart from the rest.  She expresses more than a passion for photos; she has a genuine passion for people!

She is a true Virgo with an eclectic taste in music, a love for baseball and a passion for teaching. She shares a life with her husband Jeff, 2 beautiful daughters and fur child Humphrey.

With exciting projects on the way; Laura looks forward to meeting you and thanks those who have supported, and those who continue to support through their business, referrals and friendships.  



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